Friday Night Waltz
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Dance Sampler 2005


Theme The Dance Sampler is an all day set of one hour long introductory classes to 35 social dances in 5 tracks: Swing, Latin, Ballroom, Vintage, and World/Folk.There are 7 hours of classes in each track. You are welcome to take any class.

comments by people about the Dance Sampler:
.'this is a wonderful idea!"
.."..but I want to take ALL the classes!"

..."it has been on my calendar for months now"
...."I have heard of zydeco but didn't know where to take classes."
....."great lineup of teachers"
......"I can't decide which classes to take. This is going to be hard."

Location Oakland Veterans Hall (also known as the Oakland Senior Center and also as Lake Merrit Dance Center)
200 Grand Avenue Oakland CA X Harrison,

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Yahoo Map larger area

Pictures of Oakland Veterans Hall

Pictures of dance floors


Saturday June 4 2005
Oakland Veterans Hall
200 Grand Avenue Oakland CA
10am to 6 pm $40 at door
doors open at 9:30 am

$40 Prepay check to Scott Gamble P.O. Box 1555 Palo Alto CA 94302
$40 Paypal

or $40 at Door.

  Though no partner is necessary we do not guarantee gender balance, as there are too many classes and too many people purchasing tickets at the door.

SWING: East Coast, Shag, Lindy, Balboa, Charleston, Cajun, West Coast Swing

LATIN: Salsa, Mambo,Cha Cha, Samba, Merengue, Argentine Tango, Cumbia

BALLROOM: Foxtrot, Polka, Viennese Waltz, Night Club Two step,Bolero,Quickstep, Hustle

VINTAGE: Rotary Waltz, Cross Step Waltz,One Step, Mazurka,50's Rock and Roll, Disco, and Bal Musette

FOLK/WORLD: Scottish Country, Contra,Swedish Hambo, English Country, Country and Western Two step,International Folk Dancing,and Zydeco

time Swing Latin Ballroom Vintage Folk/World

East coast
Michael Marangio and Persephone

Jake and Techi
Joan Walton
Rotary Waltz Richard Powers Scottish country
Bruce Herbold
11 Louis Shag Michael Marangio and Persephone Mambo
Jake and Techi
Joan Walton
Cross step Waltz
Richard Powers
Andy Wilson


Michael and Persephone

Cha Cha
Ava Apple
Viennese Waltz
Richard Powers
One Step Joan Walton Swedish Hambo Eric Isacson
1 lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch
2 Blues
Damon Stone
Samba Night club two step
Richard Kear
Mazurka Joan Walton English Country
Alan Winston
3 Charleston
Joan Walton
Merengue Bolero
Bud Ayers
50's rock and roll
Richard Powers
Country and Western 2 step
Richard Kear

West Coast Swing
Richard Kear

Argentine Tango
Christy Cote


Richard Powers

Dana DeSimone

5 Cajun
Dana DeSimone
Cumbia Hustle
Raul Ante
Bal Musette Richard Powers International Folk Dancing
Marcel Vinokur

Richard Powers: Cross step waltz, Rotary Waltz, Viennese Waltz, 50's rock and roll, Disco, Bal Musette

Joan Walton: Charleston, Foxtrot, Mazurka, One Step, Polka

Raul Ante: Hustle

Dana DeSimone: Cajun, Zydeco

Alan Winston: English Country

Michael Marangio and Persephone: Shag and East Coast Swing

Andy Wilson: Contra

Christy Cote: Argentine Tango

Eric Isacson: Swedish Hambo

Bruce Herbold: Scottish Country Dancing

Jake and Techi: Salsa and Mambo

Richard Kear: Night Club Two Step, Country and Western Two Step

Marcel Vinokur: International Folk Dance

More instructors added as they are confirmed


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